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Therapy for LGBTQ & Sexuality

LGBTQ & Sexual Orientation

To me, LGBTQ and sexual orientation are essentially the same. I can help you understand what your feelings really are, without judgment. I can support you in exploring your own feelings without judging yourself and help you to live an authentic life with your sexual orientation. I can also provide valuable guidance and coaching through the coming out process.

Often times, up until very recently, people who are heterosexual in a hetero-normative world start their dating process at the young age of 11, 12, or 13. They go through heartbreaks and crushes early on. But a young person who on some level knows they’re gay may not have decided to come out yet, and their development in relationships gets put on hold. But when they arrive in adulthood, their first experiences of relationship can bring up a lot of feelings that they’ve never felt before. But a heterosexual person may have already felt those feelings when they were 12 or 13 so there is this developmental stall until they’re out and living their life as a gay person.

As a result, their first breakup can be really really hard because they’ve never been through one before. And that’s OK, because they’ve never had that experience before. In this case, it’s important to allow yourself to have compassion for yourself and not beat yourself or get depressed or anxious for not handling it. You’re playing catch up, and that’s OK. There have been some relational delays.


Gender Issues

Gender is not something that is as cut and dry or binary as it once may have been thought to be. Every human deserves the chance to explore that in a non-judgmental way and find out who they are and what feels right to them as opposed to an externally enforced stereotype. I can support you in talking about, exploring, and making sense of how you see your gender interacting in the world.

Perhaps you were born a male and always felt like something is wrong, and you may have always felt that you were female. It may be difficult to make sense of it, because while physically you’re one way, internally you feel another. It’s important to understand that you can accept where you are in your gender on a spectrum, without putting pressure on yourself to act super masculine or super feminine… you just are who you are.

Or perhaps you’re contemplating gender reassignment because you want your physical body to reflect how you feel on the inside.

Or perhaps you come from a family where the men were rough and tough, and you’re not, and you may be wondering if there is something wrong with you. What if there is nothing wrong with you? What if you’re just different?

It’s completely normal to not feel like you fit into society’s definition of what a male or female is. I can help you explore these feelings and help you to make sense of them and support you in proceeding with it in your life.

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“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

-David Richo